Earthfest '24 Announcements
Auction Art Exhibition

Earthfest '24 move and new location came any new costs. And even though the facility is bigger, certain programs lost funding. Due to the move. Our children and medical programs programs are in trouble. We need to raise $1350. As follows;

  • To bring 2 bounce houses - $500. 
  •  A children's program director that is certified $800 with Instruments and touch sensory. 
  • An art program And a small interactive Tumble gymnasium. 
  •  Plus to have certified emt on staff all 3 days. 
  • We just short $1350 and asking Community support.

If you are an artist and would like to donate a piece of art to help the children and medical at Earth. Please text or email Leona As this is a great way, forget art. Out in communities, you can calm and probably get like a $300 painting auctioned off for 30 or 40s, the fraction of the cost. And it goes towards a good cause win win!!!

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