ART ARMY is hosting thee largest central Florida Music and art festival for families by celebrating our Blessed Mother 🌎 Earth. We will be Having Live ART & LIVE MUSIC performances throughout the day on 3 stages with 150 Vendors, & Artists, Performing Arts. Crafters, Body painting. Healing arts And Workshops. Plus, Food Vendors and Food trucks Galore!!!


We will be accepting All Artist or Anyone who creates there craft by hand!! For only $150. If you don't make your craft by hand (NO WORRIES) Small businesses & Resale Products are only $165.  Only 10 FOOD VENDORS are $250 but there is NO Doubles. Only one of each food type allowed.

This is a Rain or shine event NO REFUNDS Don't miss out on the biggest thing in Art and music central Florida has to offer.



Event dates are Friday April 26, 27, 28TH.

All Artists, and Vendors arrive at 9 AM on Friday the 26th of April. @ Florida Classic Park 

Address is 5360 Lockhart Road, Brooksville, FL 34602. 

SET-UP All you will need your paid vendor receipt to get through the gate. Setup is 1st come 1st serve but there is plenty of space for everyone. You will park on the VIP lot side next to one of the stages...You get a plus one for a helper as festivals are better with family and friends. If your plus one arrives later or in a separate vehicle, they may have to park on the General parking lot side. Depending on our space and time when they arrive. And will need a separate guest pass for entry.....  Contact me if this is the case. 

REENTRY Vendors, artists and musicians get unlimited re-entry for store runs, supplies and equipment reasons All other guests do not, there is a reentry fee. Please use your PAID Vendor receipt for reentry each time. 

HOWEVER, ....NO CARS ARE TO BE MOVING ON MY VIP STAGE LOTS AFTER DARK. If you have to leave after hours can't promise you will be able to drive back onto Vendor & VIP lot and may have to park in general parking lot until morning as There is no lights out there and we don't want anyone getting hurt. Lots of small children and guests will be wondering around having fun and their safety is our main concern.  

CAMPING You will also camp, park and vend all in the same area. You get 10 by 10 space for your booth and a Another 10'ft for one car. You can camp behind or in front of your booth and car depending on where you are parked. Or camp in your vehicle. Vendors are not required to camp if live in area can go home or a hotel. 

each night right before dark can return 9am next day.

RVs & TRAILERS if you have a big RV or bigger trailer You may need to purchase 2 spaces. To compensate your space given. Also, smaller vendors can purchase 2 or more spaces if booth and setup is larger than 10x10. 

POWER There is no power or lights out there as I mentioned so, please bring your own. Small generators are allowed.  And if wanting if want to vend and sell past dark please bring battery operated lights to do so. Thank you.

LEAVING Tear down and clean up happens at 3pm Sunday 23rd. A lot of people shop last day and vendors who stay till end usually make more money. I'll be passing out garbage bags on the 1st and last days. Please clean your camp area thoroughly before leaving, this is an Earth Event after all. 


Here's payment options. CashApp $earthfestartarmy Or Venmo Leonagold-1 Paypal and Creditcard's are accepted but requires a $3 fee for processing the payment.


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